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Check your potential, future supplier from China before placing an order with our help and reduce the risk of fraud.

We’ll verify any Chinese company for you.

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Verify Chinese company service is offered by us!

How does it work?

Step 1: You provide us with the name of the supplier that is to be a subject for verification.
Step 2: We verify the supplier and prepare the report for you.
Step 3: We deliver the report to you via e-mail. The report is in English and in PDF format.
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Delivery Time 5 working days 5 working days 5 working days 5 working days
Price US$ 199 US$ 249 US$ 299 US$ 349
Number of suppliers to verification 1 2 3 4
I. Verification of the company Yes Yes Yes Yes
Checking the company registration data
Verifying the company bank account
Checking the company’s product certificates and test reports
Verification of the company’s ISO 9001 certificate
Checking the company’s audit report
Verifying the opinions about the company
Checking the company’s production capacity
Verification of the company export markets
Checking the company financial details
Verifying the company website
Contact data of the company
IV. Summary Yes Yes Yes Yes
V. Preparation to import No Yes Yes Yes
Sale agreement preparation
NDA ( non-disclosure agreement) preparation
Transport company selection
Customs agency selection
Documents required for customs clearance
Detailed explanation of further procedures
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