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Finding reliable suppliers in China with our help is probably the best solution for your business, because you’ll receive an extensive report including 5 verified providers and …………. much more.

We find suppliers in all sectors and adapt our performance to your requirements (about product specifications and budget).

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Find Chinese suppliers with us!

How does it work?

STEP 1: You provide us with the information about the desirable product.
STEP 2: We are looking for 40-50 suppliers.
STEP 3: We select the best 5 suppliers from the group initially found.
STEP 4: We verify all suppliers and prepare the report for you.
STEP 5: We send the report to you via e-mail. The report is in English and in PDF format.

One report concerns one group of products. For example, if you are looking for T-shirts and check shirts, you can buy one report, because these goods are included in the same group of products. But, if you need T-shirts and accessories to mobile phones, you have to buy two reports because these are two different product groups.

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Delivery Time 5 working days 5 working days 5 working days 5 working days
Price US$ 299 US$ 379 US$ 439 US$ 499
I. Selection and preparation of a list of 5 suppliers Yes Yes Yes Yes
II. Verification of all selected companies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Checking the company registration data
Verifying  the bank accounts of suppliers
Checking product certificates and test reports of companies
Verifying the ISO 9001 certificates of companies
Checking audit reports of suppliers
Checking export markets of companies
Verifying the financial data of suppliers
Checking the production capacity of companies
Providing contact data of the suppliers
III. Checking offers of all selected companies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price research
Prototype products
Payment terms
Order terms
The catalogues with the company’s offer
IV. Summary and comparison of all selected suppliers Yes Yes Yes Yes
V. Preparation to import No Yes Yes Yes
Sale agreement preparation
NDA ( non-disclosure agreement) preparation
Transport company selection
Customs agency selection
Documents required for customs clearance
Detailed explanation of further procedures
“How to talk with Chinese suppliers” guide
Online consultation No 1 month 1 month 3 months
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