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Yes, it is. Our service is available for everyone. Both for companies and for individuals.

Consultation time is counted from the time when you ask us the first question.

In the case of the Find Chinese Supplier Service such a situation has never happened. The customer always receives the report. It usually contains information about 5 suppliers. In the case of specific product supplied by the customer, the number of suppliers in the report could be lower, because it may be impossible to find 5 trusted suppliers for the particular product. But this situation happens very rarely.
Sometimes, in the case of the Verify Chinese Company Service happens that we can’t prepare the report because of lack of access to information (on average 1 out of 20 reports). In this case, the customer can deliver a new supplier to us for verification.

On our website we have specified all the information which the report contains but sometimes, in the Verify Chinese Company Service the report may not contain all information because, for example, the supplier doesn’t have one of the documents which we check in our reports, so we leave the data field empty and write that the supplier does not have this document. Also, in the Find Chinese Supplier Service we sometimes can’t find all suppliers with all required data if the industry is small.

Our data used to verify the companies come from the government official database of the Republic of China. We guarantee fully valid and the most recent data.

Our service supports customers from all over the world. We accept orders from any country. Most orders we have from North America, European Union countries, Australia and India but we have knowledge needed to work with clients from every part of the world.

Yes. You will get a lot of very important information about suppliers. Preparation of this data takes a lot of time. We know that in business, the time is money, so this way you can save the valuable time.

No, we don’t check if your product is legal in you market.

No, we don’t receive any commission from Chinese suppliers. We work only for customers who order report in our service.

No, we guarantee full anonymity of our customers. We never inform your potential Chinese suppliers that we are the third party and we perform the verification process for you.

No, we don’t. Nobody can get 100% guarantee. Our service allows you to reduce import risk but we don’t guarantee that your import will be safe in 100%.

Yes, it is. Our website has special security systems. It is protected against a variety of viruses and spyware. Your data is 100% safe.

Yes, we do. Privacy Policy is available on our website. You may read it.

If you can’t find answer to your question, please contact us.

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