Light in the box reviews: Is Lightinthebox legit or not?


Today, we would like our readers to find out more about an online store – Lightinthebox. We want to discuss what kind of store it exactly is, how it works and what the Light in the box reviews are. Most people who are interested in buying things directly from China certainly know portals such as AliExpress, Alibaba or DHgate. They have been already described on our blog many times, and they have become very popular among customers all over the world. But last time, Lightinthebox has been also famous so read this article to find out more about this online shop.

What is Lightinthebox?

Lightinthebox is an online store that sells Chinese products. It was created in 2007, and ever since it has been selling products to customers from all over the world. The offer of Lightinthebox includes three main groups of products, i.e.:

  1. Clothes.
  2. Small accessories and gadgets.
  3. Products for house and garden.

The website itself has a very customer-friendly design, because it is available in many languages. While entering the site, the system automatically recognizes the language of the user’s search engine and displays the site in their native language.

The main page is similar to websites of other stores or portals, i.e. the offered products are divided into different categories, it has its own searcher etc. Moreover, some special offers available in the particular day or the particular period are highlighted. There are also some icons that let users display the particular group of products.

Searching products on the Lightinthebox home page

When we select the particular product and display its subpage, it is possible to read a detailed specification, including its price, a detailed description of the product, photos, opinions about the product written by other customers etc.

If we decide to buy the particular product, it is possible to choose its parameters, e.g. if they are clothes, one has to choose their colour and size, as well as provide the number of products they want to buy and the address to deliver the package.

Buying a product on the Lightinthebox product page

Then, we fill the order form with data such as the payment method, delivery address, delivery method (it is connected with the time the package will be delivered, sometimes it may be faster or slower) etc. It is necessary to define if one wants Lightinthebox to calculate custom taxes and the insurance fee.

There are a few payment methods available to be chosen:

  • the international ones – credit/debit cards, PayPal, Western Union, Wire transfer,
  • the local ones (also available for customers from the particular countries) – Boleto (Brazil), Yandexmoney/Qiwi (Russia), iDeal (the Netherlands), Sofort (Germany).

If the delivered product:

  • is lost or damaged while shipping, the Lightinthebox store will send a new one,
  • is not the one we ordered, the store will exchange the product or return the money,
  • does not satisfy one, it can be returned within 14 days for any reason,
  • turns out to be flawed, it is possible to return it within 30 days. In such a situation, Lightinthebox will exchange, repair or send materials needed to repair the product.

Why is Lightinthebox different than other stores?

The biggest business competition of the store is connected with portals such as AliExpress or DHgate, which have been carefully described on our blog. However, Lightinthebox is significantly different than aforementioned stores, because it represents another business model. AliExpress and DHgate make thousands of sellers from all over the world able to create their own online store within the website. It means that none of these portals does not sell goods in a direct way. A customer makes a transaction with the particular seller, not buying goods directly on the website. In contrast, Lightinthebox sells products directly and sends them to customers on its own.

What are Lightinthebox reviews?

In order to answer this question, we have looked through the most popular websites that include reviews of different online stores. We have found a few portals where reviews about Lightinthebox may be found. The results of our analysis are presented below:

On Trustpilot we have found 18098 notes. The store has achieved an average store of 3 out of 5 stars. The best note (5 stars) was given to Lightinthebox by 58% of users, a 4-star note was given by 12% of users. Only few users (5%) gave a 2-star or 3-star note to the store. The lowest Lightinthebox review (1 star) was provided by 25% users.

According to data collected by Sitejabber, Lightinthebox has achieved an average score of 4,1 out of 5 stars. The score is based on 4153 opinions. As much as 62% of users gave the highest note (5 stars). The lowest Light in the box review (1 star) was provided by 24% of users.

On Resellerratings, the Lightinthebox store has achieved an average score of 9,68/10, based on 12220 Lightinthebox reviews. This is a good note.

On Consumeraffairs, the store has received an average score of 3,9 out of 5 possible stars. 271 out of 433 notes were the highest ones (5 star). It means that about 63% of users gave the highest Lightinthebox review.

On Pissedconsumer, we have found 2207 reviews of the store in total. Based on 1077 opinions, it has received an average score of 1,9 out of 5 stars.

* All above data was last updated on February 22, 2019.

The summary of the Light in the box reviews collected on above websites

Analysing the reviews about Lightinthebox found on above websites, some crucial differences may be noticed. On the first 4 pages, the store has achieved a very good score. The majority of its users was satisfied with the purchases made by this website. The last portal makes the Lightinthebox store look bad. However, considering the results from the first 4 portals that included the most options about this store, the Lightinthebox reviews may be considered as good.

What is the reason that some people have given a negative Light in the box review?

Although the general score achieved by Lightinthebox is good, some people were not satisfied with their purchases in this online store. We decided to check the reasons of dissatisfaction. In order to do that, we have read negative opinions. We have drawn the conclusion that the main causes of dissatisfaction were:

  1. Too long delivery time. The most common negative Lightinthebox review concern delivery time. Users usually write the expected delivery time was longer. Such a situation may have been caused by a courier company, as well as by people working in the Lightinthebox store, who hadn’t prepared the package on time. When the delivery time is slightly longer than the expected, one should be patient, because it needs to be remembered that some delays may happen. That is why, it is good to order the product in advance, not at short notice. If the delivery time is very long, we advise to contact the Lightinthebox store and ask for explanation.
  2. Not receiving the package. Some people also complain that they did not get the package they had ordered at all. The cause of such a situation may be similar as above – impatient users gave a negative opinion to the store. It may have also happened that the ordering system failed and the order was lost, or a certain employee made a mistake and forgot about the order. In such a case, when delivery time is really very long, one should ask the Lightinthebox store for explanation.
  3. Receiving the wrong package. Some people gave the lowest Lightinthebox reviews because they claim that the product they received was different than the one they had ordered. The most probable reason of that was a mistake made by a person who works in customer service. In such a case, the complaint should be made in order to exchange the product into the proper one or get the money back.
  4. Poor quality of products. Some customers complain that the ordered goods were characterized by poor quality. It may have happened due to the fact that the store’s offer includes thousands of products from different manufacturers, and it is hard to keep an eye on the quality of all of them. In order to avoid a similar situation, we advise to choose products with positive comments written by some previous buyers. Then, the probability of getting a poor-quality product is lower.
  5. Poor customer service. Some customers complain about waiting too long for the response from customer service of the Lightinthebox store. As a consequence, they issued a negative Lightinthebox review. Unfortunately, it is a common problem, especially among big portals and online stores. There are some periods, especially before Christmas, when such stores need to deal with a big number of orders and e-mail requests. Because of that, they are not able to respond to them in a quick way. One needs to take this fact into account and be patient while waiting for a response.
  6. Calculating additional custom taxes for the package. Some customers, especially the ones from the EU, complains about calculating additional fees, i.e. custom tax and VAT. The part of the bad Lightinthebox reviews were associated with it. Unfortunately, it may sometimes happen. It depends on the situation if the customs officer opens and thoroughly controls the package. The Lightinthebox store does not have any influence on the fact if we are charged additional taxes or not. One has to be prepared that they will have to pay some additional costs while ordering products from China.

The problems described and explained above happen in almost every online store. Buyers have to take it into consideration. It is sometimes needed to be patient, however when one encounters a serious problem, it needs to be solved. Lightinthebox is a reliable store that has many satisfied customers. Therefore, the situation when someone wants to cheat us seems to be rather improbable.

Our final Lightinthebox review

The Lightinthebox store seems to be an interesting alternative for other big stores such as AliExpress and DHgate, especially for customers looking for products such as wedding dresses, clothes, costumes, different accessories and home/garden products. Although the store’s offer is targeted at retail customers, the entrepreneurs can also sometimes find some interesting products in a low price.

We encourage readers who have ever bought something from the described store to leave Light in the box reviews in the ‘comments’ section.

adminLight in the box reviews: Is Lightinthebox legit or not?

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  • Gemma - May 12, 2017 reply

    I paid €26,44 for 2 skirts, the shipping charges were €12,47 that’s €38,91. I couldn’t believe it when they got delivered today that I had to pay €23 to customs. If I knew there were hidden charges I would never have bought anything. Unfortunately I’m waiting on other stuff I bought which means extra money.

  • Mary Sieg - June 23, 2019 reply

    I bought a black Victorian style dress and paid $87 plus an additional $18 for expedited shipping. The dress arrived on time but it was a poor imitation of the dress they had pictured and is of poor quality. It is not worth half what I paid for it and looks more like a cheap Halloween costume. The color was faded and looked more like navy blue but the trim on the dress was a true black so it did not match the fabric color, it was unhemmed, there were bright white ribbons throughout it instead of black and several of them broke, I could go on about how it did not match and was of poor quality but the biggest frustration and rip-off has been the so called customer service. I have exchanged over 7 emails with them and each response asks for something either new or that I have already sent (sometimes more than once). I really feel like they are ripping me off by running me through hoops and hoping I will give up on trying to get a refund.

    Mary Sieg - July 15, 2019 reply

    UPDATE JULY 14, 2019:: They promised me a partial refund late June and never issued it. I had to open a PayPal dispute. They contacted me outside of PayPal and wrote that this time they promise to refund me the partial refund IF I CLOSE MY DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL FIRST! They wrote that Paypal won’t let them issue the partial refund while the dispute is open. I contacted Paypal who said this is not true, Light in the box can issue a partial refund for the dispute and further advised me to NOT close the dispute until I had a refund. If I close it before a refund is finally issued, I will not be able to reopen it if Light in the box once again does not follow through!!! Also, I noticed my negative review of the dress is missing from the review page for this dress. Then I looked at over two dozen other dresses. Not once did I find anything but glowing reviews on their products. No one has perfect reviews in retail. Obviously they block negative reviews on their site to further deceive customers.

  • Grazyna Hiatt - June 24, 2019 reply

    Extremely disappointed with the facinator I ordered. I paid for express delivery which said 2-4 days. I ordered it on 13th June as wanted it for 19th June, I have only just received it this morning 24th June! So missed the occasion I wanted it for. Also the is only a small clip on the large facinator which is too small and the facinator doesn’t stay on your head. I will be discouraging people from buying from light in the box. Extremely disappointed customer.

  • Petrina Foster - July 7, 2019 reply

    My 81-year-old mother ordered dance shoes which she then had to pay an additional £23 tax on. Light in the box promised to return the tax and even advertise that they will do so but guess what… Three months later they have still not kept their word. Dishonest disreputable dishonourable.

  • john agnew - July 11, 2019 reply

    I have an entry in my credit card statement that I don’t recognise and despite sending 2 emails to the company I am not getting any replies, problem is I ordered a dress for my wife and found that my card had been charged twice , is this a scam? Or should I just cancel the transaction and never use LITB again?

  • Vijay Patel - July 16, 2019 reply

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. It is by far the worst customer service you will ever encounter. Unless you are perfectly happy with your item, heaven help you if you want a refund or exchange. They will continually tell you that they are awaiting confirmation of the returned item, this is a tactic they use to do absolutely nothing. They make it out as an American company but the operate out of China. Fraudsters. It no wonder China has so much money with scam companies operating out of the country. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

  • josephine pilling - July 16, 2019 reply

    I wish that I had read all of these reviews before I bought over 150 euro of stuff. I’m not paying any extra customs charges as I will get legal advice. As consumers we are paying what is asked for, when we order our goods. I am sick to the stomach now, I can tell you. I better receive my money back. I’m disgusted with myself for buying so much, but the person I am, is so trusting this has made me so angry with them. They are anything but trusting. What a con?

  • Mabel - July 16, 2019 reply

    Extremely disappointed in the so called light in the box. Up to now I haven’t received my products, promise a lot on their website and deliver nothing. People, especially in Europe, keep away.

  • sUSAN - July 22, 2019 reply

    Ordered shoes with expedited shipping – 5-7 days – ordered July 3 – not received till July 15th. Their response was the order was processed on July 8th – so it met the shipping criteria. What happened between July 3 and July 8th? Not received in time for event, too small, and not as appeared in picture – EXTREMELY poor quality. To return I have to pay to ship them back to china – overall cost for what amounts to $5.00 quality shoes – would be over $60. Not certain they are even fit for a charitable donation!
    Don’t order from there – BUY US!

  • Yael White - July 24, 2019 reply

    Absolutely hopeless. Don’t buy from them. I ordered a dress following their own chart. It took weeks to arrive and when it did it was far too small. They don’t have an automatic return address in the packaging and had to spend hours emailing them to eventually obtain it. Sent the item back at my expense. Tracking has shown they have received it but no acknowledgement and no return of my monies.

  • Nancy - July 30, 2019 reply

    In 2012, we bought my daughter’s wedding gown from Lite in the Box and we were nervous. We were able to purchase extra material because she wanted a lace up back. The dress arrived and it was beautiful. Fit was perfect since we gave all measurements when ordering. The seamstress was very impressed with the quality as we were too. We are actually contemplating ordering for my son’s wedding and hoping our luck is still good.

  • Fally Salama - August 4, 2019 reply

    I have never bought anything yet on the website but your reviews have opened my eyes.

  • Mo - August 6, 2019 reply

    Do not buy from this site!

    Read reviews on Trustpilot and before dealing with them!

    When I looked, sadly after I had bought items, there were 52% good reviews but 27% bad reviews. We all know good reviews can be fake, but bad reviews tend to be genuine. Nearly all bad reviews contained similar complaints to my own. i.e. wrong size, shoddy quality, and brushed off by “customer services” because they can get away with it, being based in China!

    In particular 1 item I bought was definitely small, but there was no label to state what size it was meant to be. Also the hemming was of terrible quality. It was delivered in a Jiffy bag, creased and screwed up as though it had just been shoved in. When I complained they said I was wrong about the size (no mention of any label missing) and went on to say that they classed it as an accessory, and there was no policy for returning and refunding for accessories. What? In the UK the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 covers any goods not as advertised, of poor quality and not fit for purpose but because it is a Chinese company, they can get away with it.

  • Linda Sanders - August 7, 2019 reply

    Do NOT use this company ever!!! I ordered two different Victorian costumes. I never received the costumes or refunds. That was back in October 2018. It is now August 2019. I exist on a pension and cannot afford to lose money in this manner. I repeatedly requested a refund – no joy. Yet they continue to send sale offer emails. This company is a complete ripoff!!! I’m so upset!

  • Sandy - August 9, 2019 reply

    Shocking!!! Ordered dress for wedding party took 3 wks for delivery, on ordering said 3/5 days, Dress is not finished or sown together at seams gaps on both front,back & side not enough material to get fixed without reducing it by 2 sized, zip wont go up or down, took it to a local machinist she said “Bin it” sent email asking about return & refund of money, But no response & the emails of would you interested in other product has suddenly stopped. Don’t waste your hard earned cash I have tagged them as SPAMMERS & will just have to put it down to a lesson learned.

  • PB - August 19, 2019 reply

    I purchased 3 ice skating tops from Lightinthebox for a 12 yr old boy. I bought standard sizes rather than having one custom made so that I could try the items and return them if they didn’t fit. Beware – Lightinthebox does not accept returns, they make it almost impossible to return an item. The website wasn’t explicitly clear that they were not refundable, the page I viewed them on did not say that at all, nor was there any link to the returns policy. The returns policy I found before I purchased the items does talk about some ‘made to order dresses and accessories’ being non-returnable but how can a boys skating top be a ‘dress’ or an ‘accessory’. I am extremely disappointed and would never have purchased from them had I known that I could not try and return an item that didn’t fit well enough.

  • Moses Onubanjo - September 2, 2019 reply

    On the 30th of August I order for an item worth £100 plus charges and I was curious about them because they didn’t send me an email. Then I checked their app that I downloaded to see if my order has been sent ( because I got info from my bank account that it has been deducted ) only to find that the order has been cancelled I with no reasons whatsoever. And that refund has be made to an account I don’t know…. THEY ARE FRAUDULENT! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THAT SITE!

  • Stein C Haugan - September 11, 2019 reply

    Lightinthebox must have turned the light off. I ordered and paid for my cycling jerseys 3 months ago and I keep getting emails “updating” me on the fulfillment – all in Chinese – and Google Translate tells me that the goods are in the Guangzhou post office – and I live in Singapore. Not worth the hassle to buy product from this Darkinthebox online platform – a complete joke.

  • Stein C Haugan - September 11, 2019 reply

    Holy Guacamole – a couple of hours post writing a scathing review of the Lightinthebox fulfillment – or lack thereof – my cycling jerseys arrived to Singapore – 3 months after ordering and payment date – and to my delight – the jerseys are what I ordered and yes admittedly – happy to have finally received the goods – but I do maintain that to buy stuff from any platform – that includes WISH – originating in China – does make for frustration – so support the local guys.

  • S Farrell - September 11, 2019 reply

    BUYER BEWARE. If you are ordering from the UK and you choose a regular size (8, 10, 12 etc) this is considered made to measure and makes any return impossible. This is not made clear on the website. The dress I ordered was ill fitting and poor quality. They will not refund my payment but have only offered (after many, many e-mails) to give me a credit of 50% of the purchase cost. To receive this credit I have to spend an equal sum. My advice steer well clear of this website.

  • Kat Jones - September 22, 2019 reply

    SCAMMERS, the worst company ever. I haven’t received what I order. I have about 30 emails from this company giving different excuses on why I haven’t received my order yet. All 30 reasons are different. Buyer beware don’t order with this company.

  • Harold - September 22, 2019 reply

    Purchased a chandelier and notice it was from China. Opening box, found 1/3 of needed pieces to assemble. Contacted company multiple times, spoke to supervisor Rebecca and always got the same excuse. Wanted detail count on pieces missing, detail count on pieces in box, wanted pictures, wanted invoice copy ( they already had). Would not discuss my $200 refund. After the fourth detail demand, they stopped any communication. Do not spend your money with these thieves. WARNING!

  • Barbara mctighe - October 15, 2019 reply

    I had a jumpsuit from them whitch was 150 pounds and when it got to my post office they wanted another 70 pounds for shipping so I sent it back because that was a lot of money for a jumpsuit. So I had e-mailed them back and pay to get my money back and never received it so to me that is s thieft ?. I am extremely angry and disappointed.

  • James Rooney - October 15, 2019 reply

    I have reached out to in every manageable way to find out what happened to the shipment I returned (and paid for myself). I simply wanted the same order one size bigger. There sizing charts are very off when it come to North American sizes. I have heard nothing from them. I am out hundreds of dollars and must suggest to anyone reviewing this firm to not to engage with this company.

  • Randolph Whyte - November 6, 2019 reply

    I ordered a Nike pair of Trainers and a cycling Jersey on the 30th August and I am still waiting for the items I contacted LightInTheBox customer service was told it was delivered which it wasn’t I contacted Royal mail who eventually said the parcel was returned on the 12th September as the address details were incorrect I contacted LightInTheBox customer service but was still told it was delivered I emailed a few of them called lily, selena who both eventually said my items would be resent if I paid for the delivery I agreed and sadly I was still waiting the date is now 6th November and my delivery has still not been delivered or sent and funny since then I’ve heard nothing from them very poor service I think that’s when I realised that my money has gone and no nike trainers or Jersey I’ve been trying to contact the customer service people Lily and Selena but as yet ive had no response from either of them so I went back to lightinbox customer service and generated two customer service tickets and one said an item was sent to me on the 7 the October with Royal mail tracked item but yet again it wasn’t delivered the other customer service ticket came up resolved out of the blue I replied that I have not received the item now I’m talking by email to someone called Soraia who has made every effort and excuse not to refund me or resend the order even though I have sent her pictures of the items purchased address labels from their own website and clarification that the two previous customer service assistant Lily and Selena had sent me emails saying that the order was supposed to be resent but I needed to pay for the delivery but this new person Soraia has ignored my proof and pictures of the emails sent to me by the previous two customer service agents lily and selena and saying she can only focus on this so called delivery on the 7th October which I don’t have. This has been going on now for 3 months now and everytime I provided proof I am told by this other customer service person Soraia that she can’t help me and that I’m not eligible for a refund or my items I paid £100 for won’t be covered by their insurance so at the moment LightInTheBox has my money and my products which I’m not even sure are genuine Nike item so I have ended up with nothing now if LightInTheBox were genuine you as a customer service provider would at least ask my so called colleague Lily and Selena have you dealt with the query but as far as I know she hasn’t Im just been told over and over again she can’t help what kind of customer service is this even though I’ve sent Soraia a copy of the emails I was sent from lily and selena LightInTheBox customer service agents that my items will be resent to me if I paid for the delivery not hard is it so up to now I keep asking where my delivery is and I get told I can’t help so I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been robbed and if I live till a 100 I won’t be getting my money back or items I have purchased. So Anyone reading this long story please do not purchase anything from LightInTheBox you will regret it and you will be conned like me stuck playing email tennis with LightInTheBox customer service they are the worst ever so be warned people do not get taken in with the fancy pictures and nice website you will regret it. Believe me don’t be taken in I did think at the time that the prices were too cheap for so called branded stuff and now I have paid the price so be warned.

  • Randolph Whyte - November 6, 2019 reply

    Do not waste your time or money with LightInTheBox. You will never see your money or anything you think you purchase. Stay away from them. You have been warned. Don’t end up like me with no products or money.

  • Nat Cog - November 13, 2019 reply

    My order of October 21 2019 has not been delivered. I did not get an order confirmation number but the money €24.84 is taken from my card on 21 October 2019.

  • Reita - December 6, 2019 reply

    Very unsatisfed with dress purchased from Lightinbox. It was suppose to be sliver/grey but was 90% white. As mother of the bride a white dress would not be doable. Also the material was scratchy and uncomfortable. It had an odd shape to it, misproprotioned. I recommend not buying anything from this company due to the questionable quality and poor customer service. It appears to be a scam.

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