DressLily reviews: Is DressLily legit to purchase products?

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Currently, a significant number of individuals prefer purchasing goods from foreign, especially Chinese websites instead of opting for those national ones. One of the most commonly chosen Chinese sites is the one called DressLily, which will be discussed in detail within the scope of this article. We are going to check the functional features of the page, as well as to take a closer look at DressLily reviews.

What is DressLily?

DressLily.com is an online shop, which was established in 2012 (i.e. it was the year of domain registration). While browsing the website, one may find it remarkably difficult to establish who the owner of the page is. Our private investigation has made it possible for us to discover that it is the Shenzhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Company, being the creator and owner of numerous online portals, including: RoseWholesale.com, RoseGal.com, SammyDress.com, Zaful.com, NastyDress.com, TwinkleDeals.com, TrendsGal.com, and GearBest.com.

Many people have for the very first time learned about and checked the DressLily.com after familiarizing themselves with Facebook ads presented to them. The shop in question has been engaged in a quite large-scale promotional campaign in the social media. Adverts have been predominantly directed towards young females from all over the world.

The assortment of the DressLily shop incorporates the following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Wigs
  • Household items
  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

Before providing you with a comprehensive DressLily review, we are going to discuss the order placement procedure introduced by DressLily.com.

The aforementioned process is remarkably simple, for it is quite similar to those taken advantage of by other e-shops. The user is asked to select a category of interest and afterwards – provide more data in order to narrow down searching results. Then, he or she has to click a chosen product, specify its features (such as color, size, or quantity), and finally – add it to the cart. The administration of the website offers free shipping to any place in the world. If you want a particular item to be delivered quicker, you may pay extra for express shipping. In order to finalize a given transaction, you can pay via PayPal, which is the quickest option available. Aside from it, you may also opt for bank transfer, as well as credit card payment or Western Union transfer. Then, you have to create an account, select a preferred payment method, and provide shipping data. The next step is to wait for the order to be processed and goods to be delivered. After providing our readers with basic pieces of information on the DressLily website and briefly discussing the order placement procedure, we would like to proceed to checking user opinions regarding the page.

What are DressLily reviews?

In order to answer this question, we have decided to browse the Internet. We have come across several websites on which a significant number of reviews of the discussed website could be found.

While checking out the content of a website gathering data on various websites, e-shops, and webpages, namely – Sitejabber, we have found 4318 reviews relating directly to the DressLily.com portal. The lowest possible score when it comes to DressLily review has been given to the page by 2768 individuals, which is approximately 64% of all users involved in the rating process. The highest score, being five stars, has been given to the shop by 913 buyers, which is roughly 21% of the analyzed sample.

Yet another popular website known for keeping track on reviews on other webpages is the Trustpilot.com portal. We have managed to find quite a few reviews of DressLily, amounting to the total of 2250. Basing on 2165 “DressLily TrustScore” opinions, the average score has been 3/5 stars. The ,,Excellent” rating has been given by 45% individuals taking advantage of the website, whereas the ,,Bad” rating has been given by 36% of them.

On a different website  – Pissedconsumer.com, we have found the total of 3232 DressLily reviews. Basing on 1657 of them, the shop has been given the average score of 1,7 out of 5 available stars. According to the Pissedconsumer website, in total customers have lost $92K, with the average customer loss being $137.

* All above data was last updated on October 16, 2018.

The aforementioned websites are not the only places where opinions about DressLily.com can be found. Numerous Facebook pages have been created, including opinions of people claiming that they have been deceived or ripped off by the shop.

What is the average DressLily review?

While taking a closer look at the available reviews, one can come to a simple conclusion: the majority of people have a negative opinion about the shop. The case is perfectly visible especially in the case of the Sitejabber site, the 70% of users of which “awarded” the shop with the lowest score available. DressLily is considered to be a bit better by the users of Trustpilot, but still – almost a half of them has given the website in question the lowest score. The 1,5/5 rating on Pissedconsumer is also very disturbing.

Why have so many people given DressLily reviews that can be considered extremely negative?

To discover the reason why so many bad reviews have been given, we have decided to read some of them. After having familiarized ourselves with several hundred of them, we are now certain why the reasons of such a state of affairs have been.

The majority of users given a DressLily review that was bad due to an exceptionally long shipping time

The vast majority of all reviews have related to the said issue. Buyers have claimed that they have been waiting for their goods for even 2 months. DressLily.com offers free delivery, but many clients have paid extra for the parcel to be delivered to them quicker, yet they still had to wait a long for the items ordered to be delivered. On the DressLily website, there is an estimated delivery time provided. In the case of the free option, the average waiting time should be from 19 to 39 days (depending on the country the ordered items are to be shipped to). While choosing the “Priority Direct Mail” option, waiting time is limited to 9-28 days. If we make a decision to pay additionally for the “Standard Shipping”, products should be delivered after approximately 12 days. In the case of the “Expedited Shipping” alternative, transportation is ensured by the DHL or the UPS courier company and the average waiting time is estimated to circulate around 5 days. Taking all that into account – why do customers need to wait over 2 months for the delivery even while choosing a paid option? Most obvious reasons are failure of a selected courier company to meet delivery-specific deadlines or the negligence of the DressLily Company. In China, many shops offer goods that are not available in stock, so after order placement, they have to be produced, which takes some time. That is why some individuals have had to wait 2 months for their goods to be shipped. Such a situation should not occur.

The second reason is the low quality of delivered products

It is a common problem many online shops have to deal with. Their owners tend not to check the quality of products ordered from a supplier, but they rather go for quantity, for they are willing to expand their offer to the greatest extent possible. Unfortunately, a remarkable part of the available assortment is therefore of poor quality.

The third reason behind the negative Dresslily reviews is providing clients with different products than ordered

Some people have claimed that they have received different goods than ordered basing on available images and descriptions. In many cases, provided items of clothing have been in an improper size. Such situations should not occur as well. While discussing this problem, it may be hypothesized that there have been mistakes or the ordered goods have not been in stock. Nevertheless, buyers should have received the products they have ordered. If there was a mistake, the shop should have returned the amount of money paid and the faulty products should have been send back to China on the expense of the seller. It would be also better to opt for an alternative solution, for example – the shop could return the buyer a part of the amount paid and the client could be granted the right to keep the faulty product. Nevertheless, said option should be accepted by the buyer and the shop should not impose said solution on the client. In the case of DressLily.com, the published terms and conditions state that the user has 30 days to return the purchased item without providing any justification for doing so. If the shop administration is to blame for a mistake, the user can return the product for a refund or have the item replaced. If the client is the one who has made a mistake, then the DressLily Company allows for product return, in which scenario money is also returned. However, the buyer is then also required to send the faulty item back to China on his or her own expense.  There have been many negative reviews on the Net, for customers have found it difficult to return purchased goods. They have been asked to send them back to China on their own expense, even though in some cases the shop has been to blame.

Our DressLily review. Is Dresslily legit?

Due to a remarkable percentage of users being dissatisfied with the shop, we highly recommend prospective buyers to select a different website, for example: AliExpress, DHgate, Lightinthebox, etc. Of course, if you have found an interesting item on DressLily.com, you can always try your luck with the shop. Nevertheless, while making the very first purchase, the best idea is to go for the cheapest item possible in order to check the quality of customer servicing. If the shop turns out to be a decent one, then we can try ordering more expensive goods.

If you have had any experiences with the DressLily shop, please provide us with your DressLily reviews in the comment section below.

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