DHgate reviews – Is DHgate legit for small wholesalers?

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Our last couple of articles concerned AliExpress.com. In the following article we will deal with the DHgate portal. We are going to present some DHgate reviews, answer the title question, as well as express our own DHgate review. However, at the beginning we would like to explain what the DHgate platform is.

What is DHgate.com?

DHgate is a platform that works in a similar way to the website that has already been described by us many times – AliExpress.com. It was created in 2004, and now it is a popular trade portal for the Chinese wholesalers. The traders here sell their products mainly to some small-scale importers who want to purchase some goods in a smaller quantity than it is usually possible from the producers (because they usually set the MQO [Miniumum Quantity Order]). Most sellers on DHgate set the price of their goods depending on the quantity the buyer wants to purchase. It is usually possible to buy even a single item, however the price is higher then. The more items we buy, the lower the price is. Most of traders on DHgate come from the USA. According to data from this website, there are 1.2 million traders and 10 million entrepreneurs and private individuals registered on DHgate. About 33 million products are available to be purchased. According to DHgate, the transaction on their website is made every 3 seconds.

What are the DHgate reviews?

The answer to this question, we were looking for by Google in order to find the opinions wrote by DHgate users. We have found a several websites where the opinions are available:

On Trustpilot, a popular website that includes opinions about different portals, we have found 18296 opinions about DHgate in total. It has received an average score of 4 out of 5 stars, indicating a very good result. As much as 74% of users think that they have had excellent shopping experience.

On Sitejabber, there are 6216  opinions about DHgate.com in total. Based on those opinions, DHgate has received an average score of 3,7 out of 5 possible stars. A lot of users (as much as 55%) gave the highest note – 5 stars.

On Resellerratings, the score received by DHgate is not good. There are 118321 opinions about this website in total, and it has received an average score of 2,17/10.

On Pissedconsumer, we have found 1765 reviews about DHgate. Based on those opinions, it has received an average score of 3,3 out of 5 stars. There are also as many as 2541 comments left by people who have had some experience with DHgate. What is more, there is some information about the amount of money lost by people who have purchased goods on DHgate. The total loss is $150K, and the average amount of money that was lost is $309.

* All above data was updated on February 22, 2019.

As we can see, the reviews about DHgate.com are generally good. Most people were satisfied with the purchases made by this website. Only on Resellerratings DHgate received poor score.

What is the reason that some buyers have given negative DHgate.com reviews?

After analysing the scores received by DHgate, we read the comments about this website. We focused on the negative reviews only. After reading most of them, it turned out that the reasons of weak DHgate reviews are the same as in the case of other trade portals, i.e. poor quality of products delivered by Chinese suppliers or frauds connected with paying for the goods and not receiving them by the customers.

Is DHgate legit then?

There is no clear answer. Everything depends on what supplier we are cooperating with. It has to be remembered that there are different traders registered on DHgate and not all of them are reliable. In order to minimalize the risk of fraud, some steps need to be taken. Considering the fact that the DHgate platform works in a similar way to the AliExpress platform (that we have described in our article), i.e. it has a comment section for every supplier, it allows to give some opinions about products, every trader has its own subsection with their stores (and offers different products), there is the information about the number of transactions made by every seller, and because the reason of the bad DHgate.com reviews is the same as in the case of AliExpress.com, we encourage you to read our article, where you can find a comprehensive answer how to protect your order.

Our personal DHgate review

DHgate.com is a decent website to look for suppliers for users who want to purchase small quantities of goods. However, just like in the case of purchasing goods from stores found e.g. on Alibaba.com or other similar B2B portals, we need to be especially careful. The attention needs to be paid on the product certificates. For example, if one imports toys to Europe, it has to be remembered that such products must have the CE marking and they must comply with the EN71 norm, as well as with the the RoHS and WEEE ordinance. When we perform a comprehensive audit, the risk of fraud will be minimal.

In addition, if you have had some experience with DHgate, both negative or positive one, we encourage to leave yours DHgate reviews under this article.

adminDHgate reviews – Is DHgate legit for small wholesalers?

Be sure that your Chinese supplier is honest!

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  • Belinda - July 13, 2019 reply

    This place is a scam! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from this company!
    I was ensured that a dress that I ordered would me here by July 4th BEFORE I ordered my dress! Promotionspace (a DHGATE seller who has a 6th year Recommended Supplier with 6453 Transactions and 99% Positive Feedback posted on the DHGATE website…HOW THEY EARNED A SCORE OF 99% IS BEYOND ME AND SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FALSE ADVERTISEMENT) ensured me that I would receive my dress on or before the July 4th. It is presently July 13th and I still haven’t received my dress!
    After placing my order, I continued to message them asking for updates. Most of my messages were ignored. The few messages that they finally did respond to, they still continued to give false promises that my dress would arrive on or before the date that I provided them PRIOR to my order.
    I’m now convinced, IF I ever do receive the dress that I ordered, it probably won’t even look anything like the picture online either!
    Do yourself a favor and order from a legitimate honorable company… even if you have to pay more money… it’ll be worth it! Because ordering from DHGATE will be the worst mistake you can make if you’re shopping for a special dress for your wedding, prom, homecoming or any other special event that you need a dress for!

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