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While searching for forums connected with importing goods from China, we recently noticed that many people ask questions similar to this: ‘In which China shop can I find x products?’. It means that the interest in Chinese products is quite great, but some entrepreneurs interested in importing from the China or some private individuals do not know where they should look for the items. We have received a few messages where people ask about the websites where they can find Chinese suppliers or directly purchase products from the China store. As a matter of your convenience, we decided to prepare a list of such websites. We complied the list with links to the particular sites along with the description what groups of consumers may be interested in buying products on them, i.e. if the offer is directed to the entrepreneurs buying great quantities of goods or to the individuals who want to buy some goods for their private use. The list was published based on our long business experience in China. In addition, we visited every Chinese shop in order to check if the information we have is up to date. We have made the list of websites in English only, but we have to stress that there are much more such websites which are in Chinese.

Which Chinese store offers multiple products?

Website Entrepreneur Private Purchaser V X V X V X V X V X V X V X V X V X V X V X V V V X V V V X V X V X V X V X V X V X X V V X V X V X V V V V X V V V V V V V V V V V V X V V X V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V X V V V V X V V V V V V V V

In which China shop you can buy fashion items?

Store Firm Individual Buyer X V V V V V X V X V X V X V X V V V V V V V X V X V X V X V X V V V X V X V X V X V V V X V X V X V X V X V X V

Which China store you should visit to buy beauty products?

Site Company Private Customer X V X V X V


Shop Business Individual Purchaser X V V V V X


Websites B2B B2C V V


Stores Business People Individuals X V


Sites Firms Private People X V X V


Shops Companies Individual Buyers V V V V X V X V X V X V V V V V V V V V

Which Chinese shop you should check if you are searching for phones?

Website Firm Private Customer V V V V X V V V


Store Business Individual Purchaser V V

Electronic Cigarettes:

Site Company Private Person V V

Home Decoration:

Shop Enterpreneur Individual Buyer V V

Feng Shui Products:

Websites B2B B2C V V


Stores Entrepreneurs Individuals V V


Sites Firms Private People X V

In which Chinese store you can purchase games?

Shops Companies Individual Buyers X V


Website Entrepreneur Private Customer X V

Samurai Swords:

Store Firm Individual Buyer X V


Some of above websites we assigned to two target groups, because the offer of them is targeted at individual clients, however they offer some concessions for the companies if they purchase greater quantities of goods. That is why, we think such websites are worth to be visited both by private buyers and business people.

Of course, it may happen that the private client will find an appropriate product in the China shop we assigned to the group of portals for entrepreneurs (however it is quite rare, because most of such suppliers set the MOQ [Minimum Order Quantity]). The wholesale dealer also can find some interesting products on the site assigned to the group of stores for individual clients.


We hope that the list will help both business people and private clients search for suppliers faster and more effective. We also hope that people will find the best China store for yourself from our list.

Personally, we think that it is worth to check at least a few websites from the list, but not only the most popular and the biggest ones such as,,,, etc., because it is possible to find interesting products in not well-known Chinese shop. Of course, bigger portals usually offer a wider range of products, however sometimes it is really possible to save a lot of money while ordering goods after deeper searching.

We also recommend to be careful while purchasing goods from China without verifying the supplier prior to placing an order. The most important thing is to check opinions written by past buyers about Chinese store or if we do business with the supplier i.a. company registration documents such as the Business License or the Permit for Opening Bank when we transfer the money to the Chinese company’s account. Such certificates are often ignored in China. It has to be remembered that when the supplier gets money and sends our goods, they are not responsible for the situation when the goods are not approved for marketing in client’s country. In addition, it is worth to find more information about the supplier or China shop, e.g. the opinions of other buyers.

adminChina shop – a big list of Chinese online shops

Be sure that your Chinese supplier is honest!

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