AliExpress reviews – Are customers satisfied?

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Our last article concerned what the AliExpress platform is and how it works. In the following text, we will check what the general AliExpress reviews are, i.e. if the users are satisfied with the purchases they have made on this website. We will also verify what the most common reasons of negative opinions are.

In order to check reviews about this platform, we were looking for some comments through Google. We have found many websites that include opinions about written by traders, as well as individual clients who have had some experience with this platform, i.e. they have purchased some products on the website.

What is the AliExpress review then?

The opinions connected with purchasing goods on are as follows:

On Trustpilot, there are 61981 reviews about AliExpress in total. The website has received an average score of 4 out of 5 stars.The lowest mark (1 star) was issued by 7% of all buyers. The highest note (5 stars) was given to AliExpress by 87% of users.

On Sitejabber, we have found 4222 AliExpress reviews in total. It has received an average score of 3,5 stars out of 5 stars possible. The lowest note (1 star) was given by as many as 2098 users (almost 50% of their total number). The highest notes (4 or 5 stars) were given to AliExpress by 42% of users. It isn’t a positive result.

On Resellerratings, there are 1763 opinions about in total. It has received an average score of 8,22/10 (4 stars).

On Pissedconsumer, there are 1259 reviews left by its users. The portal has received an average score of 1,8/5. This score is based on 740 opinions. The average amount of money lost by people who have purchased goods on was $255, and the total amount lost by all users was $140K.

On Influenster, the portal has received an average score of 3,6/5 based on 866 opinions. The biggest part of users (33%) gave to 5 stars. The 4 stars note was given to AliExpress by 32% of users, and the lowest AliExpress review – by 12% of users.

* All above data was last updated on February 22, 2019.

After analysing the results from above websites, it may be noticed that some buyers were dissatisfied with their purchases on AliExpress. On Sitejabber, 50% of users gave the website the lowest note. On Pissedconsumer, the website received poor scores. Most buyers issued the lowest AliExpress reviews. The comments left by the users were also negative. On Influenster, Resellerratings and Trustpilot, the platform received good marks.

After collecting the notes, we read the comments. We decided to focus our analysis only on the negative ones in order to determine the reasons of dissatisfaction with purchases on AliExpress.

What is the reason that some buyers have given negative AliExpress reviews?

We have determined the most common reasons of dissatisfaction with the purchases on that resulted in expressing negative opinions about this website. These are as follows:

  1. Expecting products characterized by higher quality. The buyers, while ordering the product, had thought they would get high-quality products that would meet their expectations, however the goods were characterized by lower quality.
  2. Being cheated by the Chinese supplier. The Chinese ‘company’ was paid for the product, but the buyer has never had the product delivered and he/she will probably never have.
  3. Poor contact with the sellers. The buyers had sent many messages to the seller, but they didn’t respond.
  4. Receiving faulty goods. It has often happened to clients to get faulty goods.

The above reasons are the most common causes of issuing a negative AliExpress review, however all aforementioned obstacles may be avoided. We have prepared a short guide how to do that. We encourage you to read it.

If someone has had some experience with the portal (both negative or positive one), we encourage you to leave your own AliExpress reviews in a comment under the article.

adminAliExpress reviews – Are customers satisfied?

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  • sanjay - October 9, 2019 reply

    I had order shoes size 8 from Ali Express. I had put order on dated 6th September 2019 and received after long wait of 20 days on 26th September. I almost forget that I had ordered for shoes from ali express.
    I usually wear size 8 for shoes which is same length for all brands available in India. But the shoes I had received from ali express is under size, it had mentioned size 8 but the actual length is very short. I had requested to replace my shoes but the customer support asks me to raise dispute first then we look into it. I had raised dispute on same date, 26th September. Further they ask me for proof and I send some pics showing size is not fit for me, but all in vain. Bloody ali express closed that dispute with no conclusion. They no very well these shoes are useless for me.
    Further I had requested them that I am ready to bear the courier charges but even they not consider my request. I had wasted INR 1437.29 not actually I had wasted but ali express had wasted my hard earned money.
    Really very bad experience with ali express order no. 8001457463968995

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