Bill of Lading document in a sea freight

Bill of Lading definition and the role the document plays

While importing goods from China, there is a possibility to choose one of two options of transporting them - by plane or by ship. When we choose the second option, the Bill of Lading is one of the most important document. We think that every importer should know the most important information about this document ...
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REACH regulation for chemical products

REACH regulation for chemical products in the European countries

Importing some goods to the EU member countries is subject to some special restrictions. One of them is the REACH regulation that is the subject of the following article. In this text we are going to inform our readers about the legal regulations connected with importing chemical products to the European Union ...
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HACCP certification for food products

HACCP Certification – a guide for the food sector companies

Taking a food product to your hand in a shop, you may observe the “HACCP” marking on its label. Such a marking proves that the particular product is not harmful to health. In the following article we will focus on food products ...
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View of the WEEE directive mark

WEEE directive in Europe: a complete guide for entrepreneurs

The European Union still enacts new acts that are to protect natural environment. One of such acts is the WEEE directive that is the topic of the following article. In our text we are going to discuss the most important issues connected with this document ...
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View of the RoHS directive sign

RoHS directive – A useful guide for entrepreneurs

Importing electronic devices to the EU member countries requires to fulfil a range of additional rules by exporters. One of such procedures is complying with the RoHS directive that is the main point of the following article ...
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