Buying online from the China store

China shop – a big list of Chinese online shops

While searching for forums connected with importing goods from China, we recently noticed that many people ask questions similar to this: 'In which China shop can I find x products?' ...
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Issuing DressLily reviews

DressLily reviews: Is DressLily legit to purchase products?

Currently, a significant number of individuals prefer purchasing goods from foreign, especially Chinese websites instead of opting for those national ones. One of the most commonly chosen Chinese sites is the one called DressLily, which will be discussed in detail within the scope of this article ...
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The man who is looking for Alibaba reviews

Alibaba reviews – Is Alibaba safe for the traders?

A lot of importers, after finding the potential contractor thanks to the Alibaba platform, are certainly looking for some additional Alibaba reviews about the website in order to find the answer to the question 'Is Alibaba safe?' ...
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Thinking cloud which include the question 'what is Alibaba?'

What is Alibaba? How does this website work?

A lot of entrepreneurs look for suppliers on trade portals, that is why we decided to describe the Alibaba website. In the following article, we will answer the question ‘What is Alibaba?’, and we will briefly explain how this platform works ...
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Certificate of origin of this smartphone

Certificate of origin – what is this?

While importing goods from China, it is necessary to have documents required at customs. One of such documents is the Certificate of origin, which we are going to discuss in the following article ...
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Be sure that your Chinese supplier is honest!