Importing from China with ChinaSafeImport is easier and safer because we verify companies from China and find reliable suppliers located in China for our customers.

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Find suppliers in China

Find Chinese Suppliers

The choice of a reliable supplier is the most important step when you plan to order from China. Every day we find the best suppliers for our customers. All selected providers chosen by us are verified and they fulfill customers’ conditions (regarding product specifications and budget). Choosing this service, you will receive report which includes 5 verified companies. We provide all available information about each company. We also help you in importing procedure. Preparation of such a report takes 5 working days. Prices start at only $299.

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Verify company in China

Verify Chinese Company

Checking a supplier from China before you place an order is obligatory when you want to import from China without any unpleasant “surprises”. Our service will help you to reduce risk of fraud because our task is to check if the company is reliable. This option includes verification of documents and collecting very important information about your potential provider. All this information we specify in our report. We also help you in importing process. Delivery of the report takes 5 working days. Prices start at only $199.

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Why do you need this type of service if you want to import from China?

You must know that buying from China isn’t easy. You have to be aware of the following facts:

  1. A lot of companies in China want to cheat foreign customers and steal their money.
  2. Most of company’s documents are written in Chinese language.
  3. Many entrepreneurs in China forge company’s documents. Forgery of documents happens very often. Chinese people are able to forge every single document.
  4. According to our experience, only 1/25 of companies in China fulfills all the export conditions required in markets such as North America, EU and Australia. In order to be able to export to these markets, they must have all the documents and certificates corresponding a particular group of products required by these countries. A lot of Chinese exporters don’t have any knowledge what conditions must be fulfilled in order to export their products to these markets.
  5. All importing procedures are very complicated and hard to do it oneself without having some crucial knowledge.

We can solve these problems because we have enough experience to do that. Save your time, nerves and money. We will help you. Trust us as a lot of other customers from different countries all over world did.

Why is it worth to choose us?

There are many arguments for:

  • Lots of information in our reports
  • The quality of our reports is a priority for us and is always at the highest level
  • Good prices without hidden costs
  • Quick delivery time
  • A lot of satisfied customers
  • Honesty
  • Approach to our daily tasks with passion
  • More than half of our customers use our services again

and many more.

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The truck with the product which was made in China

Why should entrepreneurs think seriously about importing from China?

They are many reasons why you should start to import from China:

  • China is the ``factory of the world``
  • More than 60% of the world production comes from China
  • China is the biggest exporter in the world
  • China is the country which has high economic growth
  • China is a huge market of suppliers and products
  • Low prices
  • You can cooperate directly with a manufacturer

and many more.

Protect your order and money! Check Chinese Company Or Find The Reliable Suppliers in China with ChinaSafeImport!